LTA Guidelines for Electric Bicycles in Singapore

We wish to inform you that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) regulates vehicles that are used on public roads. LTA only allow low-Power Assist Bicycles (PABs) that meet the following technical requirements.


a) Construction of the PAB is similar to that of a conventional bicycle (e.g. the PAB should not have a horizontal platform in the mid-section for use as a footrest);


b) The PAB is powered by an electric source;


c) The maximum power output of the electric motor does not exceed 200 watts;


d) The motor power of the PAB cuts in only when the rider starts to pedal (e.g. it should not be equipped with a throttle to by-pass the power-assisted function);


e) The motor power of the PAB cuts off when it reaches 25 km/ or when the rider stops pedalling.