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1 Sec Folding eBike - Red Color – 16″ Tire

  • No COE /ERP.

  • Quick and Easy to Fold and Unfold.

  • Can be used on MRT and Buses within the restricted timing.

  • Small Size allows easy storage.

  • Fit into your car boot easily. Do not need bicycle mounting.

  • Approved by LTA. Buy with confidence.


1 Sec Folding eBike – 16″ Tire -Unfolded Position


Orange 1 Sec Folding eBike – 16″ Tire -Unfolded Position with Basket

This portable and foldable electric bicycle is very useful in many situations.

When you are in a hurry and caught in a traffic jam, you can use it to get to your destination or appointment when time is of the essence.

In the case of emergency, cycle it to get assistance from the nearby garage when your vehicle breaks down.

Ride it when you want to have that special supper from the hawker street or a fast food outlet nearby. This is especially useful when car park is scarce.

Whichever it is, you will be thankful that you have this handy and versatile electric folding bike that easily tugs away in your car boot or in your house.

Whether you are living in a landed property or housing estates or working in an office or industrial areas, you will find this electric bike one companion that you can rely on.

Electric Folding Bicycle Model

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